Friday, July 13, 2012

Safety Culture

Safety Bulletin

Safety Culture

Q.  What is a Safety Culture?

1.     A safe work environment

2.     What workers think of safety

3.     What management does for safety

4.     None of the above

Short Answer:  None of the above.

Long Answer:  A Safety Culture is far broader and more holistic than any of the above and involves every person on the job along with their core values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and rituals.  In fact, every workplace has a safety culture… whether it is good or bad.

In the never ending pursuit for productivity, quality and safety, it’s the safety culture that levels the playing field.

A safety culture is always evolving and the dynamics change with every thought, comment, observation and action.  It starts at the top and it starts at the bottom and it draws the line between what is acceptable and what isn’t.

A Safety Culture finds its roots in the history of every person on the job but it finds its wings in their desire to participate in continuous improvement.  At the top, leadership must do its part by being proactive, establishing consistent values and expectations and by holding people accountable. At the bottom,  workers need to protect and share the values with each other and participate with management in always improving the safety culture in a never ending process. 

To this end, XXXX co. is actively pursuing a positive safety culture and enjoys cultivating a positive safety culture with our workers.  Our values are as follows:

Safety First- We ensure a safe, healthy work environment and a ‘zero injury’ culture

Trust and Candor-  We conduct ourselves professionally, with candor, respect, integrity and ethical responsibility.

Passion For Excellence- Through innovation and continuous improvement, we always strive to find a better way, and to do it right the first time – every time.

Learning Culture- We always strive to develop the full potential of our people and our company – we never stop trying to improve.

Results- We have a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, focused on customer expectations, individual and team results.

With that in mind, we look forward to your active participation in our safety culture.  Please examine your core values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and rituals and work with us in this process of continuous improvement.


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