Friday, July 13, 2012

The Safety Man from Hell (poem)

The Safety Man from Hell!

He goes from here to there,
infractions in his hand,
His eyes pierce like x-rays
and everything is scanned.
He checks from floor to ceiling
making sure things are safe and well
Beware the vested crusader,
The Safety Man from Hell!

Don't forget to wear your hardhat,
your safety glasses too,
you be wearing your hi vis shirt
and each foot better be in a safety shoe.
You watch, his eyes are everywhere
and he can always tell
they fear the reputation
of the Safety Man from Hell!

The ironworkers cringe in fear,
the welders run and hide,
once he yelled at a Labourer
who then broke down and cried.
He saw some equipment ops without their seatbelts
and he gave a piercing yell,
They jumped from their machines and ran
from the Safety Man from hell!

The electricians speak in whispers,
their eyes darting to and fro,
as they pull upon their wires,
they are glad to see him go.
He sets a good example,
says, “Plan to get out safe and well!”
Better be safe than sorry”
says the Safety Man from Hell!

His bible is the Compo Regs
he quotes it verse by verse,
He's out to save you life and limb
from the ambulance and the hearse.
So listen to him closely
and upon his words do dwell,
for the workers all know him,
He's the Safety Man from Hell!


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